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Risk mitigation for business flyers.

Commercial airline travel is extremely safe, however, accidents & incidents still occur every day.

If you or your employees are one of the thousands of business travellers that take to the sky every day, what mitigation techniques are you applying to lower the chances of becoming another statistic? Are you meeting your duty of care?

Comprehensive and fully customizable airline risk assessments

Log in and check out over 5,000 airlines and operators, in addition to:

Accidents & Incidents

Our database contains over 16,000 acccidents & incidents from the past decade, graded based on their severity.

Country Assessments

All countries in the world are assessed on 12 country metrics, including travel advisories from numerous government sources.

Flight Search

Find all commercial flight options and connections, including IOGP ASAM multi-sector calculations, and carbon footprint.

Airline Assessments Through Operator Metrics

Every airline in our database is automatically assessed based on 40 operator metrics.

Flights & Hours Operated

Counting flights and hours over a five and ten year period.

Accidents & Incidents

From bird strikes, hard landings, runway excursions, to full aircraft losses.

Aircraft in Service

Passenger and non-pax fleet, looking at age & composition of each aircraft.

Other Fleet

Aircraft on order, in storage, on option, and letter of intent.

E.U. Ban Status

Whether the airline appears on the EU Safety List.

Passed an IOSA

If the airline has passed an IATA Operational Safety Audit.


Belonging to a major airline alliance, and number of codeshares.

Financial Results

How well the airline has performed financially in recent years.


Mechanism from the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers.

How it works

Airline Scope is simple and powerful. You can choose to use a "traffic light" approach for travel risk assessments, or create your own extensive & complex mechanism based on the 40 operator metrics applied to every airline. Set up your levels and rules and the system will automatically assess every airline, every day.

High Risk

"Use of this airline is not permitted"

Medium Risk

"Booking is permitted if there is no low risk airline on the same route"

Low Risk

"Any staff member may book flights on this airline"

Define Your Company Levels

Each level should be an instruction on what process is to be followed before booking on a certain airline.

You may set an unlimited number of levels, and have full control over naming and styling.

Set Your Rules & Logic

Using any of the 40 operator metrics applied to every airline, create rules and logic that help assign levels to each of the thousands of airlines in our database.

You may choose to follow the IOGP ASAM scoring system, or create your own mechanism that is based on an airline's accident history, age, fleet, finances, alliances, flight operated, or any of the other operator metrics.

If your company has audited an airline or you have other prior knowledge, you may manually override it's level.

Need to use a metric that's not one of the 40? Contact us and we'll see about getting it added.

Let Us Take Care of the Rest

Our system automatically retrieves the latest data on all our airlines and applies your rules several times per day.

This provides you with a definitive list of thousands of airlines, categorised into the levels you have defined.

To view your company's list, login with your manager account, or provide end-user accounts to key staff in your travel department.

Airline Scope API

Share the Data with Your Staff

There are numerous options for providing the airlines list to your staff:

  • Provide end-user accounts to your key staff members.
  • Export the data on demand in PDF or XLSX format.
  • Generate a custom list using the portal, which creates a unique URL in which you may share. Users will be able to view the secure list without a login, bookmark it, or embed it in a company intranet using basic HTML tags.
  • Connect to our API, for live querying on numerous datasets.
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Start protecting your travellers today.

Airline Scope is software-as-a-service (SaaS) that you can access with a PC or mobile device.

Small or not-for-profit businesses may be eligible for a discount. Please contact us for subscription prices or custom requirements.


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About Us

Joel Targett

Airline Scope was launched in 2019 to meet the needs of businesses who require relevant and recent information about which airlines are safest for their employees to use.

Our system is the most comprehensive online commercial airline risk assessment platform available. It is built from the ground up in a modern JavaScript framework to be fast loading, secure, clean, and responsive. Data is automatically monitored, imported, and re-calculated 24/7 to ensure that scores are always relevant.

Airline Scope is developed and maintained by Joel Targett, who has over 10 years experience in building airline risk assessment systems. Joel is a keen aviation enthusiast and loves to travel. He (and Airline Scope) are based in Newcastle, Australia.

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