About Us

Airline Scope was launched in 2019 to meet the needs of businesses who require relevant and recent information about which airlines are safest for their employees to use.

Our system is the most comprehensive online commercial airline risk assessment platform available. It is built from the ground up in a modern JavaScript framework to be fast loading, secure, clean, and responsive. Data is automatically monitored, imported, and re-calculated 24/7 to ensure that scores are always relevant.

The risk assessment mechanism we use was developed almost 20 years ago and has gone through many iterations and refinements since then. It is robust, transparent, and relied on by many in the mineral resources industry. While Airline Scope is not the only one to use this mechanism, we are on the cutting edge when it comes to device support, up-to-date data, automation, and number of airlines assessed.

Joel Targett

Airline Scope is developed and maintained by Joel Targett, who has over 10 years experience in building airline risk assessment systems. Joel is keen aviation enthusiast and loves to travel. He (and Airline Scope) are based in Newcastle, Australia.

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