How Are Airlines Assessed

Assessment Mechanism

An airline may be assessed when enough data is available through our sources. The necessary data is divided into two sections, Airline Factors and Safety Factors.

Country Factors of the airline's home country are also factored into the formula.

Airline Factors

  Fleet Age
  Fleet Composition
  Fleet Equipment
  Conduct of Operations
  Alliances & Codeshares
  Financial Standing
  Airline Maturity
  Airline Security


Safety Factors

Weighted incidents from the last 10 years

  Accidents & Incidents   /   flights operated


Country Factors

Home country of the airline

  Regulatory Oversight
  Safety Influences
  Air Traffic Environment
  Airfield Terrain
  Airfield Climate
  Country Security


Airline Risk Scores

Airline Name IATA Code Country Risk Score
Airline A AB United States 0%
and compare with hundreds of other airlines . . .

Airline B XY Indonesia 46.7%
Airline C BG Canada 71.9%
Airline D RX Nigeria 19.6%
The scores above are examples only and do not represent any real-world airlines or countries.