What To Do With An Airline Risk Score

When faced with multiple airline choices on a route - giving preference to an airline with a higher score is a form of risk mitigation. This can decrease the statistical likelihood of being involved in an airline accident.

Airline Scope subscribers can create their own travel protocols to dictate how to use an airline's risk score. Assistance can be provided in setting up your travel protocols through a third party company.

Example Airline Scores
Airline B XY Indonesia 46.7%
Airline C BG Canada 71.9%
Airline D RX Nigeria 19.6%
Low Threshold
High Threshold
  "Do Not Use"
  "Use with caution"
  "OK to Use"
Example Travel Protocols

Manager accounts may determine and set score thresholds and protocols for the rest of their company to view. They may also chose to display risk scores as decimal (out of 10) or percentage values.